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Establishing Gospel Preaching Churches in the United Kingdom

“Soldiers of Christ, arise, and put your armor on, strong in the strength which God supplies”, are the words penned by hymn writer, Charles Wesley.

Christian soldiers arise! The battle is raging! This battle is ages old and worldwide. Satan and his foes are prowling around spreading confusion in every way possible. Yet, God IS at work in this world, and He is at work in the United Kingdom! We must charge forward “that all the earth may know that there is a God…” (1 Sam. 17:6). 

What does the battle look like in the UK?

Most of the current generation are consumed with atheism and intellectualism.  Immigration has increased the presence of Islam, Hinduism, and Sikhism, yet doors of opportunity have been opened to reach these people from countries that otherwise have strict or closed borders. 

The Purpose: We are going to the UK with the Gospel so that every person living in the British Isles would know that Christ is alive, and He alone saves to the uttermost. The call of Christ to “go” is driving us to the UK.

The Prayer:  Our prayer is that this land would burn bright again with the Gospel light into Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world. Fifty miles separate the UK from mainland Europe. Think about how God could use the UK as a launching point for Christ’s sake! 

The Plan:  It has remained the same since Christ commanded His disciples to go, preach the Gospel, and make disciples of all nations through His New Testament church. What a joy to know that Christ is already victorious, the battle is won! 

We are sent out of Calvary Baptist Church of Ashland, Ohio under Pastor Harry Strachan. Our goal is to reach the lost, establish New Testament churches, and train nationals all throughout England and the UK. By His grace, we will be church planting alongside a team of missionaries  there already, all of whom have trained at Crown College. These five families have been used of God to establish five different churches in the towns and cities of Blackheath, Oxford, Brighton, Tyseley, and Liverpool across the last ten years.  We are so thankful for the privilege of serving with like-minded Christians who are passionate for Christ. Please pray for us!

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Carl and Charmaine

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My journey with Christ began at age seven when I repented of my sin and asked Him to be my Lord and Savior. Praise God for faithful Sunday school teachers who continued to share the Gospel with me. The Lord continues to work in my life through conviction of sin, comfort in trials, and a stirring to reach the lost.

While attending a Christian youth camp at age sixteen, I surrendered my life plans to God’s service. Soon after, I sensed God’s leading for me to preach His Word while studying Exodus 4 which later led to training at Crown College of the Bible, a time of shaping me for this call. During my sophomore year, I spent eight months in England serving with missionaries at Beeches Road Baptist Chapel in Blackheath and at Oxford Baptist Chapel. During these months, the Lord brought to my attention the UK’s desperate need for Christ while ministering to both the British and international communities.  After finishing at Crown, God allowed me to return to the UK and minister with each of these chapels from May-November 2017. These six months, we had opportunity be involved in Gospel “Revangelize” missions in Liverpool and Manchester, open air outreach, hosting Camp Victory, teaching English to internationals, running children’s Bible clubs and Sunday schools, all the while assisting with regular services at Beeches Road Baptist Chapel. To God’s glory, men and women came to know Christ, and believers are being discipled! – Carl

Growing up in the UK, I was very privileged to hear the Gospel from a young age, unlike the vast majority of my school friends. At age fifteen, my father sent me on a Christian Youth Camp six hours from home, during which I trusted Christ for the forgiveness of my many sins. Going to a very small church in my village and with no other young people, I felt little growth in early conversion, until the Lord brought about a connection with Oxford Baptist Chapel pastored by Derrick Morlan (one of the existing church planters in the UK). Attending evening services at this church (as my home church was too small to run evening services), I remember feeling so compelled hearing him preach “this life is not for you, it is to be lived for God”. I sensed a clear calling to be baptized and to become involved in the Lord’s work. I soon enrolled at Crown College for the year program, hearing of the exciting work through Pastor Morlan and the students who would weekly serve in Oxford. Spending a semester with the Crown UK institution I became very conscious of my need to share the gospel in my home country, feeling so personally accountable to the Lord for where He had placed me. I then finished the year in Powell, TN and met Carl who was in the last semester of his undergrad. God’s timing is so amazing, and I am so thankful for how He has led us together and provided a life mate with whom I can serve Him!

– Charmaine

June 23, 2018 we were married in Quainton, England. Here we raise our “Ebenezer” to say, “Hither by God’s help we’ve come”! We look to the future with much anticipation as we strive to do God’s will together, knowing how wonderfully He has led us thus far. Our goal is to return to the UK during the spring of 2020.

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